B Side 


Anger fuels this band like nitro in a hydroplane. The abrasive strength of their music is powerful enough, but the rage in Sam Jordan’s voice is frightening... The wall of samples, guitars and drums they create is staggering. 

— Greg Barbrick 



Heavy metal grind with industrial metal clang...immediately groove oriented, spewing forth parasitic beats and rhythms that work their way into your skull and feed off your gray matter. 

— Jon Wiederham 

The Fine Print 


Hell hath no fury like an angry, bald lead singer spitting vitriol churned by darkly malevolent samples, synthesizers and trance beats... Big Catholic Guilt evokes a sense of danger, enhanced by songs primarily focused on themes of dominance and submission in societal and love/hate relationships...their blazing intensity take them beyond the ranks of purely mechanized industrial drek. 

— Lisa Lyttle 

Boston Globe 


Big Catholic Guilt made the walls shake with its ferocious attack 

— Jim Sullivan 

Lollipop Magazine 


The band walks onto the stage and the screams and cat-calls become insanely desperate. Finally, finally, the singer enters the picture. He nods a hello, says a few words, cues the band, and all hell breaks loose...For the entire show, BCG’s techno-goth-metal sound was tighter than ever. The music and sounds coming from the stage were not only mesmerizing, but not to be believed...As the evening marched on, the excitement and participation from the crowd never diminished, nor did that of the band.. The Rat was too hot, too crowded, smelled like shit, and was alive with the pulsating energy of BCG...Only at much larger shows have I seen such unbridled energy in a crowd. 

— Carolyn Gaines 

Aiding and Abetting 


It is completely aggressive and yet still dance music. And metal music. And all that. Because, as we are finding out, this is the future of heavy metal...Traditional thrash/rock with all of the club savvy of industrial drones. This definitely should be played by all of you. 

The Pit Report 


The work lights go out, heralding BCG. This signal receives a huge scream of anticipation from the audience...Big Catholic Guilt has a really simple reason for their success; they’re a great band...Without ignoring Sam Jordan’s obvious delight in being frontman, the other five members of BCG kicked my ass tonight. Everyone else’s ass, too...Even their slower songs like “Sanctuary” and “Face Against The Wall” burned with seething electricity. I notice the crowd rubbing against each other, couples openly groping, and I wonder if BCG is actually sexually stimulating the people, if Tim Osbourne has a subliminal sample going “Have sex, have sex, have sex”, or if it’s just the full moon. Whatever, BCG was in orbit, and they took us with them. 

— Doug Thoms 

N.E. Performer 


Big Catholic Guilt has built a landmark in the Boston soundscape. A stark, minimalist metal structure built on a foundation of industrial sequences and sampling and haunted by the brilliant, tortured mind of Sam Jordan... Addictive-I can hardly stop listening to it. 

— Rick Schettino 

University Reporter 


As anyone who has seen them live can attest, there are few bands, local or national, that can come close to matching the intensity and innovativeness of Big Catholic Guilt. 

— Bob Gourley 

Intensity Mag WA. 


Every so often, Satan comes back to earth, and it’s always great to welcome him. Satan is back in a new band called Big Catholic Guilt, a diverse industrial band who don’t just bash your head in hot steel with every song...This is one of the best industrial efforts I’ve heard this year...These guys could be huge. 

Metal Reviews Quick Looks 


Chalk up another direct hit for Cherrydisc Records...Big Catholic Guilt. These guys seem to be on one helluva roll. “Judgement” is an incredible barrage of power riffs, samples, and intense drum rhythms. If you thought that Ministry and Skrew are a tough act to follow, check out the song “Silence”(remix version) on this CD. This six minute epic is one of the best songs I’ve heard from any alternative metal band you can name. Crank this one all the way, and prepare yourself. 

The Pit Report 


Big Catholic Guilt’s live show is nothing short of spectacular...Their sense of direction and concentration is unified and sharply pointed...Tougher than ever. 

— Doug Thoms